Let’s move? Deep fat fryers spotted on White House grounds, speculative hilarity ensues


Oh, dear! Let’s move … a 50 gallon tub of lard? The pool spotted three deep fat fryers on the White House grounds today. Twitter was at the ready to speculate and, of course, mock.

MO out of town RT @toddstarnes Spotted on WH grounds: 3 portable deep fat fryers w/ 24 fry baskets – per WH press pool. Speculation, tweeps?

— bbh (@hatbb) June 24, 2012

The president is sneaking smokes and deep-fried smoked sausages?

@toddstarnes Deep frying the #fastandfurious doc's?

— Debbie Wright (@lipsis) June 24, 2012

Aha! Who needs cagey executive privilege when you’ve got a handy fryer at the ready?

@toddstarnes so healthy eating is for us regular folks? FLOTUS: do as I say not as I do. #upherdresssize

— beth pepoy (@Bpepoy) June 24, 2012

Attn: Mike Bloomberg @ZekeJMiller: Pool: Spotted on WH grounds: three portable deep fat fry units with a total of 24 fry baskets. #letsmove

— Bill Cortese (@BillCortese) June 24, 2012

There better not be any large sodas around to wash down all the deep-fried goodness! Nanny Bloomberg will have an apoplectic fit!

Paging FLOTUS Fat Czar.. MT @toddstarnes Spotted on WH grounds 3 portable deep fat fryers w/24 fry baskets per WH press pool | #tcot

— Velvet Hammer (@velvethammer) June 24, 2012

The czars are falling down on the job!

3 deep-fat fryers spotted on WH lawn. Umm — where's Bo?

— toddstarnes (@toddstarnes) June 24, 2012

Oh, dear. Time to revive #PrayforBo?

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